Why Consign?

Clear all your extra kid clutter and make extra CASH by consigning your gently used children’s items. In addition, consignors get an EXCLUSIVE presale pass to shop for the best bargains before the sale opens to the public!  Check out our story below!





I stood in my kids’ playroom looking at buckets of toys dumped everywhere - broken pieces strewn across the floor and stray Legos poking my bare feet. Unopened Christmas toys under my arm, I wonder where we are going to put them.   My life had become a broken record of picking up toys and shoving them where I could find a place. 

Although there are places to give toys and clothes away, options are limited when it comes to selling or consigning them. Several failed meetups and hours wasted for $5, I knew there must be a better way for our community.

Scrolling Facebook the weeks following the holidays, it appeared that my friends struggled with the same issue.   I had always loved consigning, shopping and even working at consignment events in the past in my previous communities.  After a quick search, it was clear there was not such an event close to me.  I truly believe that this community needs an event such as this.


Consign your gently used (or let's be real - in some cases NEW!) children's items you no longer need.  Clear out the overflowing toys, clothes, furniture, bedding, maternity items and so much more. Shop 1,000s of items in one day. You won’t want to miss this!