Preparing Your Items

All consignors tag their items the same way so that the sale is an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.  Check out our helpful video and two page printable guide!

Tagging Services

Want to consign but no time to tag? Try our Valet Tagging Service!  Drop off your items and we take care of the rest! Email us to secure your spot! 

Important Tagging Details

  • The minimum price is $2.00. Use 50 cent increments only ($2.50 etc.). Afraid an item is not worth $2? Pair it in an outfit or set of items to reach the minimum.

  • Place masking tape with your consignor number and price on the bottom of each large item IN ADDITION TO THE TAG. This helps identify your item is the card is lost. Please DO NOT put a duplicate tag on the item.

  • Items with no price and/or consignor number will not be sold. Don't forget your consignor number and price.

  • Competitively price your items to sell. Think about what would you pay for the item. 25-30% of retail is a good starting point. We’d rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items.

Tagging Format

  • The consignor number used, must match the number that was registered.

  • No tape or safety pins should be placed on or below the consignor number.

  • No tape should be place on or over the price.

  • Tape cannot be placed on more than 1 side of a tag.

  • Fine barb tagging guns (3/4 inch and 1 inch) are accepted when used at the seams, neckline, etc. or in some other manner that does not produce holes.

Tagging Information
Making Your Tags

Every item must be properly labeled with a tag created by our tagging system. Tags must be attached to the right front of garments with a safety pin or fine needle 3/4 inch to 1 inch tagging gun (use guns at the seams, neckline, etc. and not on the fabric. We cannot sell items with holes). If the fabric is delicate it is OK to pin the card to the garment tag or to the hanger. On other items the card should be securely taped (mailing tape please) or tied with a ribbon or yarn. Log in above and complete tags by adding in the following information:


  1. Category: Select a category from the drop down menu that best describes your item.

  2. Size: For clothing and shoes, you will chose a size from the drop down menu beneath the category.

  3. Item Description: include a brief description of the item (ie: Matilda Jane, Good Hart Pink Bubble).

  4. Price: You set your own prices. Price to sell! You must price in .50 and dollar increments.

  5. Discount: Check this box if you want your item to be sold at 50% during our half price sale. We highly recommend reducing especially if you are going to donate your items.

  6. Donate: Check this box to donate the item if it does not sell. Donated items will be given to our selected charities. NOTE: Please highlight this field yellow to receive the additional 5% credit for donating all items. 

  7. Quantity: this option allows you to quickly produce tags if you have more than one of the exact same item (color, size, etc)

  8. Submit: You will submit and the item will be added to your online inventory. Continue this process until you have added tags for all your items.

  9. Print: When you are ready you can choose to print. Use white cardstock only when printing your tags. Use Normal or Best quality while printing. Be sure to save your tags as you go. The system will time out after 15 minutes so periodically click save so you don’t loose what you have entered.

Tagging Shoes

  • Please bring only like new shoes that are in excellent condition. Ziploc bags work best for shoes. Tape the card outside the bag and tape the bag closed.  

  • If shoes won't fit in a Ziploc bag, tie the laces together. Pin card securely to shoe laces. Cards will be removed at check out, so please remember this as you affix your cards. 

  • You may want to place your consignor number on the bottoms of each shoe with tape in case they are separated.

Tagging Toys, Books, Videos, Decor

  • Please make certain that all pieces of an item are securely fastened together and that your item is complete. You may use packaging tape, Ziploc bags, clear plastic containers, etc. but please make sure that all the items are secure. Attach the index card securely. 

  • If the item requires batteries, they should be included. 

  • Books, videos, and small items can be placed in Ziploc bags. The bag's contents should be thoroughly described on the tags. 


Tagging Clothing

  • The better the clothes look the better they sell. Wrinkle release spray is a miracle product that will make your clothes look great.   

  • All clothing should be placed on hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark. Wire hangers work best, especially for bottoms only and sets.  

  • Pants are pinned to the "shoulders" of the hanger, towards the middle of the waist band, so they don't slip using 2 pins as in graphic above. Each pin passes through the front and back of the pants and through the hanger for a secure hold. 

  • When hanging an outfit that includes pants or skirt, hang the pants or skirt with the shirt so that they can both be easily seen. Hang the shirt and then turn the shirt around so that you are facing the back of the shirt, then safety pin the top of the pants to the shoulders of the shirt. Grasp the hanger in the safety pin as well so the pants do not pull down the shirt. 

  • All clothing items must be on hangers. Consider grouping 2-3 onesies together on hangers. 

  • If you have items you want to sell together you have two options: hang one on the hanger and pin the shoulders of the others to the one on the hanger with the pins grasping the hanger as well, OR put each item on its own hanger and rubber-band the hangers together.  

  • Please do not group items together if they are not the same size (or do not fit the same). 

  • If a shirt has a wide neck and doesn't stay on the hanger well, safety pin the shirt onto the hanger near the shoulders or neck to ensure that the shirt stays on. 

  • Attach the tag with a safety pin near the upper right side of the garment as shown in the picture at the right. 

Tagging Large Items

  • On large items simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. If the item includes extra parts please make note of them in the item's description. 

  • IMPORTANT: Place masking tape with your consignor number and price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item in addition to the 3x5 card. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost. Please DO NOT duplicate tags on an item. 


Tagging Bedding and Window Treatments

  • It is BEST to bring your bedding in a clear bedding bag, like the bedding was purchased in. 

  • If you do not have a bedding bag, an alternative is the new XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags. They come 3-4 to a box and you can get them at Wal-Mart. 

  • Neat stacks of bedding can also be bundled together with yarn or ribbons tied in both directions. Make sure the tag lists all items that are included. 

  • Window treatments may be folded or hung on a hanger. A photo of them hanging is helpful.