How to Consign

Consigning is easy when you take it one step at a time!


Donated Items: Please print items you are donating on light yellow tags OR color you consignor number on the tag yellow.  Also, ensure you have marked the item as Donate: Yes in the system.  If you are donating all, you will need to complete this to qualify for the 5% bonus. 

Sizing: We will not have a section for children’s sizes xs to xl.  Always enter the lowest size number on the clothing tag into the system as the size.  For clothing that does not have a numerical size, tag the item with the numerical size it fits like. 

Packaging: Items in bags must be sealed closed as well as TAPED along the seal so they cannot be opened (do not tape these vertically – children open these and pieces get lost).  Also, all pieces in sets must be ziptied, tied using string, or secured in some other manner so they cannot be separated.  

Step 1: Register

  • Register online in just a few minutes (Register as a Returning or New Consignor below)

  • Pay your $10 registration fee via PayPal

  • Valet consignors should email first to ensure availability



Step 2: Log Into the Portal 

  • Select your Drop Off Appointment (note evenings fill fast!). 

  • Select your Team Member Shift (optional but you get to shop earlier & earn an additional 5% of sales)

  • Sign the Consignor Agreement (required to sell at the sale)

Step 3: Gather and Sort Accepted Items

  • We accept almost anything that is related to kids! 

  • All items must be in good used condition or better.

  • Check all items for recalls.  It is the responsibility of the CONSIGNOR to ensure that none of their items are on the recall list.

Step 4: Package & Hang Your Items

All consignors tag their items the same way so that the sale is an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.  Check out our helpful video and two page printable guide (see page 2 for details on packaging items and page 1 for how to hang them)! HANGERS MUST FACE LEFT LIKE A QUESTION MARK. 











Step 5: Price Items & Enter Items in System

Pricing is the most important part of the preparation process! 

  • Price your items to sell. A good starting point is 20 to 35% of customary retail depending upon the brand and condition. 

  • Infant clothing, bedding, and maternity tend to sell at the lower end of the range (as there is a big supply and the demand can be lower).

  • Always ask yourself, without attachment to the item, what would I think was a great deal? 

  • Let all or most of your items go to half price. Although, if you have priced them competitively they will likely sell on day 1! 

Log into the system and enter your items into the electronic tagging system.  















Step 6: Print & Attach Tags

  • Print your tags on WHITE cardstock (weight 65 prints well and holds up well).  Use Normal quality print (NOT best). If you do not have access to a printer, contact Kids Bloom for a quote for printing services.  

  • Attach tags to your items according to the directions on the Printable Consignor Resource Guide (see above).   

    • Use safety pins or FINE NEEDLE tagging guns for clothing. 

    • Packaging tape works well for plastic bags.

    • Use painter's tape to attach to delicate surfaces (books, furniture, puzzles, etc.)



Step 7: Drop Off Items at Your Drop Off Appointment

  • Ensure items are grouped by size and gender as you will be putting your items out on the sales floor after they are inspected. 

  • Arrive on time to ensure that you are in and out and do not have to wait. 

  • Leave a bin (no lid) marked with your consignor number in LARGE numbers. 

Step 8: Shop & Tell
  • Attend the consignor and/or volunteer presale to get the best selection of children's items. 
  • Share information about the sale with others.  The more you tell, the more you sell!  Invite others to the event, share the Kids Bloom Facebook posts, etc.  
Step 9: Pick Up Items (if not donating)
  • The pick-up date for this sale is SUNDAY July 12th, 2020 from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  Donation begins promptly at 2:30 pm. 
Step 10:  Check the mail in ONE week for your check!