Kids BLOOM is a twice a year consignment event (presenting a Spring/Summer event as well as a Fall/Winter event). The events will feature gently used and new clothing, toys, shoes, books, baby gear, and much more. We are selective about what we accept – which provides you with a curated shopping experience for the best value and quality in children's items!


ANYONE can sign up to consign their gently used (or new) children’s items at the event. Price your items, drop them off at the event and we will take care of selling them. Consignors make 70% to 80% of their sales in CASH. Consignors are paid approximately 5 days after the sale is over. If you don’t have time to price your items, you can still participate through our VALET program where we do all the work for you!


Our team takes care of all the details – space rental, marketing, event coordination, check out, and everything else required to have a successful sales event. This saves everyone time so they can sell and buy children’s items all at once (rather than one at a time, posting pictures, missed meet ups, etc.)


Please join us  to consign, become a team member, and/or shop thousands of children’s items.